• October 26, 2019

Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Parties

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Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Parties

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You were minding your own business, nose stuck in a pile of work on your desk, when your boss walked into your office. This year, you have the “honor” of planning the corporate holiday party.

After muttering a few choice words as he leaves your office, you’re now stuck wondering how you’re supposed to plan a party while maintaining your current workload and not missing deadlines. Not to mention, you don’t want to let your fellow employees down. You all work really hard and you deserve at least one night to kick back and celebrate your accomplishments.

You need to take the stress out of holiday party planning. Thankfully, by following these simple steps, you can make party planning process painless.

Plan Early

Waiting until crunch time may work for certain aspects of your job. And, if you’ve ever spouted the following line: “I work better under pressure,” you need to listen up. It is never too early to start planning a successful event. When you start early, you’ll have a better chance of getting the location, date, and vendors you want, snagging any early-booking discounts the venue may have, and having people actually attend your event.

Check the Schedule and Make Sure Key Employees are in Town

In our current international climate, higher ups often have to travel to meet with clients, explore potential partnerships, scope out new locations, and more. You do not want to go through all of the trouble of planning a party for the entire organization, only to find out that some of the key people are out of town or unable to attend. Identify the people that “have” to be there and then check their calendars for any blackout dates before you start securing locations.

Focus on Fun (Instead of Food and Alcohol)

You’ve got Paleo employees, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, you name it. Then you’ve got employees who don’t drink (or drink too much). While you should do your best to cater to everyone, sometimes that’s impossible. By making the event more about fun than about food or drinks, everyone can participate and you don’t have to worry about alienating anyone. You can still have snacks and libations, but don’t make it the central focus of the event. Plus, by actually doing something together, employees can bond more than if they were just standing around balancing hors d’oeuvres and a plastic glass on a tiny plate.

Recognize Team Members with Funny Awards

While you want to make the planning process as easy on yourself as possible, you also want your party to be remembered. You want the festivities to stick in your coworker’s minds for years to come (for good reasons, of course!). Doing something extra special like adding a quick awards ceremony to the celebration, can make employees feel special and look back on the event favorably. Consider humorous awards like, “Most Likely to Replace the Copy Paper” or ” Most Amount of Pet Fur Dragged into the Office.” You can also create awards for the activities you do at the party like, “World’s Best Mini Golfer” or “Last Person Standing in Laser Tag.”

Have it All Done For You

Your goal here is to create the best possible party with the least possible stress and work on your end, correct? Instead of trying to coordinate decorations, setup, a caterer and servers, a bartender, music, entertainment or activities, a cleaning crew, and all of the supplies necessary to put a party on, not to mention having to focus on running things the day of… why not just have someone else do it for you? Here at Glowzone, we can have all types of corporate parties, from corporate parties, holiday parties, you name it. Check this post for the 20 Types of Corporate Events that you can celebrate.

If your company is in Las Vegas, consider GlowZone Indoor Amusement Park for your corporate holiday party. With one quick phone call to a GlowZone event planner, you can set the date, sign off on the menu, get a party host who will help you with the day-of logistics, and give your employees access to fun attractions like Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Scale the City Climbing, Skyscraper Ropes Course, Lazer Maze, an arcade, and more. Your corporate holiday party will be a success, and you will be the hero of the event. You might even get an award for “Best Holiday Party Planner Ever.”