Team Building
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7 Steps to a Successful Team Building Event

A happy employee is a successful employee. You already know that. You hired the right people for the team, you pay them well and treat them even better… but you’re still noticing some issues among the staff.

You’d hoped that by hiring quality employees, they’d automatically gel with the existing staff. However, you hear the comments in the hallways and see the lack of teamwork in the project results. Your employees may be amazing in their own right, but they aren’t working together as a team.

Fortunately, teamwork is something that can be taught. With the right training, you can have your employees supporting one another, lifting each other up, and working together like a well-oiled machine. A strong team is more productive, more efficient, and most importantly… happier.

Planning a Team Building Event

Planning a team building event for your staff is one of the quickest ways to alter the culture and train your employees to work together. But what if you’ve never planned one?

This type of event doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these seven easy steps, you can create a successful and memorable experience for your employees.

1) Set Your Goal

Whenever you plan an event, you must start with the end in mind. What do you hope to get out of the event? What do you want your employees to walk away with.

If there is some dysfunction within the team, you’ll want them to learn the skills to better communicate with one another. If you witness a lack of trust among your employees, you’ll want to create a bonding experience. Or maybe they are actually doing really well and you just want to reward them for a job well done.

Once you decide what your ultimate goal is, you’ll be able to tailor the experience.

2) Determine Who Needs to Be There

Have you ever sat in a meeting and noticed that the people who need to hear what’s being said aren’t in the room?

Creating your attendee list is based upon your goal. While it may create a staffing challenge for the day, having every member of your team attend, will ensure that what needs to be said gets heard by the right people.

While it’s nice to give your employees choices, if you are righting a dysfunction, you’ll want to make attendance mandatory.

Take a look at your employees and determine who works closely with one another. Note: This may mean including someone who isn’t actually on the team but works very closely with them.

3) Pick the Ideal Date and Time

You have a business to run, and pulling your key employees off the front line for a day may be difficult if not impossible. Creating a day-long training may not be the best option. In this case, consider an after-hours activity or just use part of a day.

Be careful when scheduling trainings and activities on your employees’ days off. The last thing you want to do is start them off resentful.

4) Find a Venue

Why can’t I just host it at my business?

Well, you can. But, that’s not much of a treat for your employees (or for whoever has to set up and clean up the activity room). Hosting your event offsite will give employees the opportunity to relax and get a break from the ordinary, and will allow their true personalities to blossom.

There are a variety of outdoor venues available, however, you’ll always take a risk on weather. Indoor options may be your best bet to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Glowzone is an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas that will allow your staff to learn while having fun. Participants can play together as a team with Bazooka Ball, a cross between paintball and laser tag (that won’t get them messy), and cheer each other on as they overcome limiting beliefs with Scale the City Climbing.

5) Plot Out the Logistics

There are multiple items to consider when planning an event of this type. Since it’s off-site, will employees need to be transported to the venue or can they drive themselves? Will they need accommodations for the night or will the activity be held in their hometown?

You’ll also have to consider what will need to be done at the venue. Will you have to set up? Bring in food and drinks for the attendees? Clean up? With a venue like Glowzone, all of the food and beverages are handled for you. They’ll also set up the room and provide cleanup.

6) Create the Curriculum

Now it’s time to figure out what your staff will learn. Your curriculum won’t be quite as strict if you’re just looking to celebrate, but if you want them to improve, you’ll need to provide training to improve their skills and change their behaviors. Glowzone can help you create the curriculum and can bring in facilitators to meet all of your needs.

7) Have Fun

Yes… you.

You’re probably not just the event planner. You’re probably a part of the team. So, why should you be excluded from the experience? Once the planning is done, and the logistics are taken care of for you, it’s time to sit back, enjoy the day, and bond with your team.

Planning a team-building event isn’t difficult when you use this 7-step planning guide. And, it’s the best possibly action you can take to improve your business and create happier employees.

Holiday Office Party
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7 Reasons to Not Host Your Corporate Holiday Party in the Office

While the holidays are still months away, holiday party planning is very much underway. Maybe this is your first year planning your corporate holiday party, or maybe you’ve been planning the office bash for decades. Either way, this year, you want to do something really special to show your employees appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication.

One of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is, “Where should we host the holiday party?”

Choosing a Venue for your Corporate Holiday Party

In past years, the office holiday party has been held… in the office.

Why not, right? You’ve already got the space. You don’t have to worry about booking an open date, your employees already know where they’re going, and if you hold it right after the workday ends, you don’t even have to worry about adding in travel time before you start the festivities. You can just pump up the music, hand out some antlers, and pass the sparkling cider.

Of course, there are quite a few reasons why having a corporate holiday party in the office isn’t the best choice. In fact, it’s actually harmful to your employees.

Why You Shouldn’t Hold Your Office Holiday Party in the Office

1) Set-up

Have you ever tried to move office furniture? Many businesses don’t have a dedicated open space that can accommodate a party. Unless you’d like to play “Cubicle Dominoes” and throw your back out lugging desks around (not to mention – where will you put them?), you’d be better off hosting the party at an outside facility.

2) Decorations

Think you can just hang up a few snowman cutouts and call it a day? Wrong. Turning your office into a winter wonderland takes time and money. Otherwise, it’s just the same ol’ fluorescent farm with a few dollar store decorations strung up.

3) Clean-up

No one enjoys cleaning up after their coworkers. You may have a cleaning service that runs through the office after hours, but if you’re hosting a party, they’ll likely charge you more for the extra work they have to do. When you have your holiday corporate party at the right outside venue, clean up is done for you and built into the cost. Once the party is over, you get to head home.

4) Food

A party isn’t a party without food and drinks (whether you choose to serve alcohol or just soft drinks). If you host at your office, you’ll need to decide where the food is coming from. Will you hire an outside caterer? Will you bring in from a local restaurant? Or, will you ask your employees to cook something and host a potluck? (Please don’t make them work for their own party.)

When you choose a venue with food, you just set the menu and then forget about it.

5) Servers and Bartenders

Do you actually want to enjoy the party, or would you rather be working the whole time? Someone has to set up the food, even if it’s buffet-style. You can always hire a team to come in and hand out hors d’ouevres and serve up drinks, but that’s another expense and another thing to worry about. The right venue will take care of all of this for you.

6) Shop Talk

Have you ever noticed that when you’re around coworkers, you tend to talk about work… a lot?

Having a party in the office doesn’t provide the break from the work environment needed to shift the conversations to more personal and enjoyable topics.

If you choose to hold the party in a restaurant or catering hall, you still run the risk of inviting all shop talk. However, if you host the party someplace fun with activities, your employees will be swept up in the entertainment and will forget that they are surrounded by their coworkers.

7) Brain Training and Muscle Memory

No matter how nice your physical space is, as humans, our emotions are often triggered by our surroundings and environment. That means that if you are stressed out in the office, even if the activity you are doing changes (going from working to partying), your emotions will stay the same.

What does this mean? You want to give your employees a physical AND an emotional break from work. The only way to do this is to get them out of the office.

Planning a corporate holiday party doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Consider hosting your party at Glowzone, an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas. There, your employees can have fun with activities like climbing, mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, and much more. Glowzone will handle the setup, provide the food (and someone to set it out), take care of the cleanup, and provide the break that you and your employees sorely need. Together, you’ll create a memorable experience that shows your employees how truly grateful you are.

Corporate Events
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20 Types of Corporate Events for Your Business

Your employees are the heart of your company, your most valued asset, and the difference between a successful business and a flop. Yet sometimes, they get lost in the daily grind. Your team may not feel appreciated or properly trained, or they may not be working together as well as you hoped. 

There are many reasons why business owners decide to host a corporate event. However, at the heart of every single one of these is the staff. If you want your employees to stay loyal, hard-working, and efficient, a corporate event may be just what your business needs to excel. 

Take a look at some of the most common types of corporate events that are held, along with some helpful tips for making the most out of your experience.

1. Conferences

These events are usually held once a year. Depending on your location and budget, you may choose to whisk employees off to a different city for education, camaraderie, and a change of scenery. Whether you host the event in your hometown or a “convention city,” you’ll want to incorporate some fun to break up the days.

2. Teambuilding Workshops

Let’s face it, you may have hired the best people in the industry, but they may not work together towards a common goal. Doing (non-work) activities outside of the office can help your employees gel into a supportive team. A trained facilitator can help take this type of event from all fun and games to fun and games with a hint of education.

3. Board Meetings

If you answer to a board, chances are that your Bylaws call for regular board meetings to update and decide on the future of your organization. These can be held on-premises, or for some extra bonding time, you can do an activity together before or after you do business.

4. After Dinner Programs

Are you taking your employees or your customers out for a special dinner? You may want to incorporate a speaker or an activity into the evening’s agenda. 

5. Awards Banquets

Your employees work so hard… why not say thank you? Awards can be serious like “Salesperson of the Year” or humorous like “Most Likely to Get Stuck Making the Coffee.” No matter how you play it, people love to be recognized for their accomplishments and their contributions. 

6. Retreats

Often reserved for the top leadership of a company, retreats offer a space for employees to discuss the future of the business and map out a plan to move the organization forward. These can be treated as weekend getaways or as day-long (or even half-day) experiences in town. 

7. Incentive Trips or Parties

Are your employees knocking it out of the park? Have they hit and exceeded their sales goals? Are they winning the hearts of your customers with their top-notch service? Or have you noticed them working hard to complete a project together? Show your employees that their hard work is not going unnoticed. Sure, you could just bring a pizza to the office or supply bagels for breakfast, but wouldn’t it be more special to provide an afternoon of fun to show your appreciation and let them blow off some steam?

8. Annual Meetings

Annual meetings can update employees on the status of the organization, introduce new services or products, recognize key employees for their hard work, and outline plans for the year ahead. 

9. Sales Meetings

Sales are at the forefront of your organization. Without a strong sales team, you can have the best product or service in the world and no one will ever benefit from it. They need motivation and goals to crush it in the marketplace. 

10. Strategic Planning

What does the next year look like for your business? What about the next 5 or 10 years? Strategic planning is a necessary part of every organization. If done right, they allow for creative thinking and solution-focused discussions that yield tangible steps.

11. Happy Hours

Sometimes, you just need to get together as a team and have a few drinks, some finger food, and some fun. Work is hard and stressful. Spending some time with your staff outside of the office can help build teams, show appreciation, and give employees the relaxation they need to return to work refreshed and excited.  

12. Corporate Parties

Corporate parties can mean anything from celebrations to welcome new management or employees, “high-five” events for a job well done, recognition of certain milestones along the journey, and much more. As long as you’ve got your employees, some fun, food, and drink, your event will be a memorable party. 

13. Employee Appreciation Events

They did it! Your employees have impressed you once again. Maybe they blew their goals right out of the water or finished a project way ahead of schedule (saving you money and making you look like a rock star company). No matter what feat of awesomeness they managed, say thank you with a fun afternoon or evening outside of the office. 

14. Client Appreciation Events

Your employees are important, but without clients, there wouldn’t be anything for them to do. Invite your clients out for a fun activity where they can get to know your employees and be showered with appreciation for their business. 

15. Holiday Parties

While you should be showing your employees some love throughout the year, holiday time is always a special time for business. Depending on your industry, you may be preparing to hibernate for the winter, or ramping up to have the best sales of the year. Either way, take an evening to celebrate with the people who make your business run. 

16. Company Picnics

Your employees have lives and families outside of work. Every once in a while, it’s nice to get everyone together for some fun. Encourage employees to bring their spouses and children for a fun-filled activity. While parks can be fun for picnics, you may live in a less-than-wonderful environment for outdoor activities. Consider holding your “picnic” indoors so you aren’t at the mercy of the weather. 

17. Charity Functions

Standing up for a cause you believe in can improve your business in many ways. Customers love to do business with companies that support a cause and employees love to work for companies that are in business to make a real difference. Consider teaming up with a local charity to raise money and awareness for their mission. 

18. Product Launches

Do you have something new coming out? Make sure that everyone in your company understands what kind of game-changer it is. Introduce the product and give employees the opportunity to learn about it and ask any questions they may have. 

19. Sales Training

Providing the right education, at the right time, in the right environment can make the difference between having “order takers” on your team and true “salespeople.” 

20. Golf Outings

While a day on the green can be relaxing and enjoyable, not everyone knows how to play golf or wants to spend hours in the sweltering heat. A better idea? Mini-golf. Employees can reconnect with their inner child as they sink their shots in a climate-controlled environment.


No matter what kind of corporate event you choose for your business, be creative. Spending more time at the office or stuck in a boardroom is not your employee’s idea of a good time, nor will it be seen as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill. Venture outside of your place of business to show employees just how much they mean to you. GlowZone Indoor Amusement Park is a perfect place to host many of your corporate events. We’ll be by your side the whole way to ensure that the experience exceeds your expectations. We’ve got food, fun, and facilitators that can help your event meet all of your goals.  


Kids Birthday Party Questions Answered 150 150 Amy Forrester

Kids Birthday Party Questions Answered

There’s a good chance that if you look through your family photo album, there’s at least one picture of you as a child, standing over a birthday cake with candles shining brightly, poised to make your birthday wish. 

A kid’s birthday party can be a beautiful memory, a rite of passage for the child, and if you don’t do it right… a nightmare for you as the parent. Not only that, but not following “kid birthday party etiquette” could cause issues for your child in the future. 

However, if you plan it properly and have the right help available to you, your kid’s birthday party can be a wonderful experience for everyone. We’ve answered some of your most pressing questions when it comes to planning a memorable experience for your child and (saving yourself some headaches in the process.)

Who Should I Invite?

Your guest list will likely depend on your child’s age. If they are a toddler or a preschooler, they’ll have fewer guests than an older kid. To calculate the appropriate amount, figure your child’s age plus one (so a 4-year old would invite 5 guests). If your child is school age, you’ll want to consider their classmates. If they plan to invite more than half of their classmates to the party, you should invite all of them. If a handful of children are left out, it could cause hurt feelings. If you’re only inviting a few friends from their class, it’s okay to send cupcakes or snacks to the classroom for them to celebrate with their classmates another time. 

Should I Serve Food?

If you’ll be holding your party during prime meal times like 11:30 am-1:30 pm or 4 pm- 6 pm, it’s a good idea to serve food. If your party is during other times throughout the day, you should have drinks available and snacks for party goers to munch on. If parents will be staying throughout the party, you’ll want to include them in the headcount. A cake is always appreciated and helps make your child feel special. 

Where Should I Have It?

The allure of a home-based birthday party is strong: you can invite as many people as you’d like, bring in any food you want, and save money on a venue. But there are also quite a few drawbacks to that plan. 

1) You will have children running through and around your house. While their parents may be there, they’ll likely be talking to other parents, not making sure that Little Susie doesn’t knock over your grandmother’s crystal.

2) You’ll be responsible for purchasing and preparing all the food and supplies, setting up and cleaning up. 

3) You’ll have to find activities to keep them entertained for several hours. The last thing you want in your home is a group of rowdy, unfocused children. 

4) You’ll be so busy working your child’s birthday party, that you won’t be able to fully enjoy it. 

On the other hand, you could hold your kid’s birthday party at Glowzone, an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas. We’ve got packages to fit every budget, and we’ll do everything for you so you can sit back and enjoy the celebration. The room will be set up, the food will be prepared, and when the party is over, you get to head to your nice, clean home. We even include a party host to help during the event. Plus, your child and his/her friends will have access to unlimited attractions. 

Should We Open Presents at the Party?

While some parents opt for a no-present policy, others do allow guests to bring a gift. If that’s the case, save the presents for later. Time at the party should be spent having fun, playing with friends, and eating yummy cake. Kid’s birthday parties only last few a few hours so you should make the most of them. Plus, you don’t want anyone getting jealous about the presents, or feeling bad because they didn’t buy anything as nice. 

Should My Child Send Thank You Cards? 

Yes! Not only are Thank You cards an important lesson in gratitude for your child, but also for the guests. What better way to show friends they are appreciated, than to send a thank you card for attending and for whatever gift they bring. 

Your kid’s birthday party should be a happy memory for them well into adulthood. When you plan well and get help to ease your stress, your child may just wish for another party when they blow out the candles. 

Why GLOWZONE For Your Kid’s Birthday Party 150 150 Amy Forrester

Why GLOWZONE For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning your child’s birthday party can be stressful! Having it at home seems like a great idea… until you actually do it. Between the decisions, the set-up, the cleanup, and the 30+ children screaming and running around your house, it may be fun for your child, but certainly not for you.

Now, imagine showing up for your child’s party, having everything taken care of for you, enjoying 2 hours of stress-free entertainment, and then leaving the mess behind.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about someone’s child breaking your family heirlooms.

Welcome to Glowzone, an indoor, glow-in-the-dark amusement park.

When you have your kid’s birthday party at Glowzone, we do the work for you. We’ll accommodate your party guests for 2 hours in our Glowzone Party Room. The kids will enjoy pizza, bottled water, and 2 hours of unlimited attractions.

You’ll sit back and relax as our Party Host takes care of everything.


We can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 50* guests. Choose the option below that fits your guest list and your budget.  Your party room may be shared with other parties, but each group will have their own table. Want the room to yourselves? You can upgrade to VIP for $150 flat fee. VIP Parties are hosted in our private themed party rooms (see below) and include a private party host.

*Glowzone has the capacity to host large parties and groups. For groups above 50 please inquire about special packages and pricing.